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Eyebrow treatment

Wake Up Everyday
with Perfect Eyebrows

Get a waterproof solution with natural looking and long-lasting results.

Permanent Makeup Services include:
(Add-on) Beauty Marks or Moles
Squad Beauty Professionals now offering permanent makeup services.

Click the link below to request an appointment.

Service Times: 2-3 hours

Healing Time: 10 days

Touch-ups: 6-8 weeks later

Deposit: $50 (non-refundable)

Permanent Makeup is for you if..

Your morning makeup routine takes up too much of your time.

You spend a lot of money on brow products and still struggle to get your Perfect Brow Shape.

You are tired of having to wash away your brows every day. 

Eyebrow treatment
Are You Ready to save?

Save time on your morning routine.

Save money by ditching your brow maintenance products.

Save money by ditching your brow maintenance products.

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