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Meanwhile in Coronaville 😷 (Las Vegas, NV)

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

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Soooooo....I've waited so long to start a blog, and the day has finally come! I wish it were under better circumstances, but my friends, we are currently experiencing a pandemic here in Las Vegas named the Novel Coronavirus aka COVID-19!

OK, so I'm not going to spend my blog time explaining what it is because if you haven't heard, you probably have been under a rock and should stay there, safe away from the virus and it's crazy human over-reactors!! Don't believe me? Look at this shyt at a Costco in Henderson, NV!

But if you're like the majority of small businesses suffering during this epidemic, welcome to my experience as a new esthetician and salon studio owner during this widespread outbreak!

Yup! You heard that right! Just two weeks ago, I was opening my very first salon studio in Las Vegas as a newly licensed esthetician and BOOM! CORONAVIRUS (in Cardi B's voice)!!! By the look on my face, I was sure this was about to be a massive success not RE-CES-SION! But here we are. On March 17, 2020 at 6:00pm, Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak dropped the bomb on a live internet stream.

We listened in as I chaired our women's business mastermind on a remote video conference due to the COVID-19 response guidelines on the news. We sat there in awe at the directive for all non-essential businesses to close the following day by noon. I mean we had watched each other build so much over the last year, but we all understood the gravity of the situation and our responsibility as service providers.

Soon after, the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology followed with an email:

Although, I felt like I should be devastated, something inside of me felt this would birth some abundance in some way, shape, or form. Now, don't think I didn't spend some time in an anxious and uncertain state, wondering what the hell is going on right now, BUT! I have struggled for so long trying to do things on my own because I just simply didn't have the time as a mom of 3, wife, friend, daughter, sister and business owner. I saw this as an opportunity! I usually spend the majority of my time working in my business versus on my business which is totally unsustainable. This whole debacle has sprung me into action, and given me a chance to hold myself accountable through this blog, and allow someone, anyone who needs it, to join me on the journey to growing my business while COVID-19 has us practicing some serious social distancing!!! Here's where I'm starting:

- Setup blog (3/21 DONE!)

- Apply for SBA disaster loan assistance (3/21 DONE!)

- Add my listing on PeerSpace (3/20 DONE!)

- Create 30 days of content (4/10 DONE!)

- Create promotions for next 2 quarters (6/18 DONE!)

- Schedule social media posts (4/25 DONE!)

- Edit video content and upload online

- Create an outline for my skin care class (3/22 DONE!)

- Create an outline for my makeup class (3/22 DONE!)

- Complete Beyond the Table course

- Add products to online e-commerce (3/27 DONE!)

- Setup affiliate marketing accounts (3/25 DONE!)

- Document standard processes (7/10 DONE!)

- Order new business cards (3/26 DONE!)

- Create menus (7/11 DONE!)

- Update Pinterest

- Update Google My Business (3/26 DONE!)

- Design car and location signage (7/20 DONE!)

- Order vendor table setup

- Design promo stickers & magnets

- Create referral system

- Create customer satisfaction survey

Here are some other things you may want to look into if you haven't implemented them yet:

- Setup email marketing

- Setup bookkeeping

- Create memberships

- Write a press release for your business

- Create a newsletter

- Write a book

- Implement more payment methods

Alright y'all! I'm going to be busy tackling all of this, but I will keep you updated on how everything goes here on my blog! I look forward to sharing more details about myself and my business, things from the past, and everything we will experience together in the future! Hang tight and stay tuned!

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